Becoming an Author (Session 1)

Sat 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Topic: Managing a Business

Have you been thinking about writing a book, but have NO idea where to start? Well, this two-day course is made for you!

As a three time, self-published, Amazon Best Selling author Coach Lauren has conquered the majority of pitfalls, so you don't have to. She has customized a plan that systematically works! Her mission is to share with you the tips and tools on how you too can become an author and leave a legacy that will outlive you! Day 1: Entitled "Starting with The Basics": this first session will focus on the behind the scenes of the writing process, providing a step-by-step handout resource on how to get started and make it to the finish line. Coach Lauren will also explain the writing process, preparation, how to decide what type of publishing is best for your work, and the initial cost of investment to get started. This session will include Q & A. Day 2: Entitled "What It Takes to Get Published & Paid" the second session focuses on the process of choosing a great company to partner with, identifying what doors your book can open for you, marketing, branding, business designation, and accounting for a writer's work. The session will include Q &A Attention: Attendees who register & pay for Session 1 will get session 2 included. The host will follow up to register attendees for Session 2.

Speaker(s): Coach Lauren Jackson

Co-Sponsor(s): SUBR SBA

Fee: $ 50.00

Registrants will be directed to Eventbrite to pay for event after registration. Will also need to register through Zoom.