How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Get Ideal Clients

Mon 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Topic: Marketing and Sales

On Instagram, hashtags are the key to targeting new clients/customers. Without the proper ones, you will not be discovered, but with the right ones, you can gain attention for your brand from your ideal target market and current customers. And with the right hashtags, you’ll even generate strategic alliances. In this session you will learn:

● What are hashtags?

● Why are hashtags not all created equal?

● A case study of how a hashtag booked a $3,500 client

● How to make money from a hashtag

● How many hashtags can you use, and what should you use to attract ideal customers?

● How to do market research on hashtags to come up in the feed

● How to use hashtags in IG Stories, and why?

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Speaker(s): Deborah Deras, Synergy Unlimited Deborah Deras has a Master’s Degree in Education and Bachelor’s in Marketing. She has 18 years of experience as an entrepreneur. She has been teaching Digital Marketing for over 8 years to organizations such as Beverly Hills Chamber, Southbay SBDC, Long Beach SBDC. She is an international speaker & Author presenting at conferences on marketing, mindset, and peak performance. Her clients include Proctor & Gamble, J.P. Morgan, Macy’s, Kaiser, Provident Title, NBC, CBS, and countless colleges and organizations. She specializes in Social Media Marketing teaching Webinars on YouTube, Podcasting, Instagram, Facebook, Livestreaming, and LinkedIn. She speaks Spanish and resides in Venice the heart of Silicon Beach.

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On Instagram, hashtags are the key to targeting new clients/customers.

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