IoT of Things Christmas Edition – Be aware of the new gadgets coming into the office after Christmas

Tue 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Computers in Business

All business owners should have a BYOD Policy. (Bring Your Own Device) In this session, Theresa Jones, CSA will guide you through the process of putting together an appropriate BYOD device policies to be included in the HR handbook. As well as the latest tech toys that will be walking through your companies doors after the Christmas Holiday.

Who should attend? All business owners who need to gain a better understanding of bring your own device policies.

Why should I attend? Business owners will learn what an bring your own device policy is, how to execute it and what are the latest gadgets that will be entering the office after the Christmas Holidays.

Speaker Bio:

Specialty Business Consultant

Theresa Jones, CSA –Theresa Jones is a specialty business consultant for the LBSDC specializing in Cyber Security & Information Technology. After 17 years of mastering the sales and marketing industry, Theresa Jones entered the Cyber Security & Information Technology industries in 2016 and took it by storm. Within three years, she successfully earned her Certified Cyber Security Awareness accreditation; CFISA: InfraGard Awareness Certification; completed HIPAA Privacy and Security Awareness Training; and PCI-DSS Privacy and Security Awareness Training.

Theresa is playfully known as the Cyber Lady, yet there is nothing whimsical about her drive and determination to continue furthering her career professionally. She proudly serves on the Board of Directors as Membership Coordinator & IT Sector Chief for the InfraGard National Board (Louisiana) partnership with the FBI; and as the SCORE Mentors – Cyber Security Trainer. Theresa is the owner and principal consultant for EVALV IQ (pronounced evolve). Her agency is the first female, minority-owned Cyber Security consulting firm in the state of Louisiana. EVALV IQ brings the latest technology, security resources, and cyber education into the southeastern market. Theresa M. Jones hails from Metro New Orleans.

Fee: No Cost