Preventing Costly Fines & Lawsuits - Small Biz HR Legal Guide - HR Success Series (PART 3)

Tue 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Topic: Human Resources

The Human Resources Success Series. A three-part human resource (HR) webinar series. THIS IS PART 3 - SMALL BUSINESS HR LEGAL GUIDE - PREVENTING COSTLY FINES AND LAWSUITS In this webinar, we will cover the following topics: - Discriminatory interviewing - Unfair performance evaluations - Misclassifying employees - Labor law violations - Inadequate ADA accommodations - Violating OSHA regulations - Hostile Workplace Designation - Sexual Harassment Prevention In addition to our top notch content you will get the following by attending: • HR Legal Hotlist (Common Labor Law/EEOC/HR Infractions to Avoid) Are you ready to elevate your small business enterprise to new heights of success? Are you receptive to learning best HR practices (what’s actually working) regarding your people? Are you frustrated by the struggle to find great employees? Are you concerned there are words and actions in the workplace that can result in lawsuits and stiff fines? Look no further! This three-part webinar series, The Human Resources Success Series is your golden ticket to unlocking the secrets of HR success, and resultantly business success. It all begins with leadership – your effectiveness leading your people and your enterprise. Learn what it takes today to lead well. Learn how to build your business and your people simultaneously. Discover the best strategies and tactics required to find, evaluate, hire, and retain productive employees. Also find out how to safely navigate the literal minefield of HR errors that can result in substantial financial losses in lawsuit judgments and fines. What you’ll gain: • Knowledge – HR working knowledge you can begin to apply today • Inspiration – fuel your success with fresh ideas and proven HR practices • Protection – insulate yourself and your business from catastrophic losses resulting from HR and labor law infractions • Participation Bonuses – attend all 3 weekly sessions and earn a Certificate of Completion. Also receive copies of checklists and guides (Takeaway Tools) to keep you on the path to greater success: HR Series “Takeaway Tools” Your Business Survival Guide – HR Best Practices (PART 1 - on 5/21/24)) • Leadership Effectiveness Self-Check List • The Positive Business Culture Guide Small Business Growth Guide – Attracting and Retaining Productive Employees (PART 2 - on 5/28/24) • The Successful Talent Recruitment Guide • Employee Retention Checklist Small Business HR Legal Guide – Preventing Costly Fines and Lawsuits (PART 3 - on 6/3/2024) • HR Legal Hotlist (Common Labor Law/EEOC/HR Infractions to Avoid)

Speaker(s): Ron Markham, a Leadership Trainer recipient of the Dale Carnegie Highest Achievement Award.

Co-Sponsor(s): Louisiana Economic Development (LED)/Small and Emerging Developing Program. Xavier University of Louisiana, Entrepreneurship Institute, Division of Business.

This webinar series is sponsored by LED's SEBD program. You need to be SEBD Certified to attend this webinar. Certification is free and fast. It will take you 15 to 20 minutes to submit a certification application online. You will get an answer within 48 hours. An SEBD Certification will help you access several benefits including business education and assistance on specific projects. To apply for SEBD Certification, visit this website: For any questions about SEBD Certification, please email

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