Cybersecurity Best Practices

Wed, May 22 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Topic: Computers in Business

This is an ONLINE EVENT that requires a quick SEBD Certification. See below information on how to get easily and quickly SEBD Certified online with a 15 minutes application. SEBD certification comes with several benefits to grow your business, including a matching-fund grant. Cybersecurity is no longer a corporate ONLY issue. This 3-hour webinar is for business owners and leaders like you to get educated on how to protect your business, your hard earned assets, your finances, your employees, and your reputation from cyber-attacks. Any business owner who conducts ANY business process online (including email) is at risk in today’s business and technology environment. This INTERACTIVE webinar will include discussions with actionable recommendations. A cybersecurity workbook will be provided to all attendees to assist with the implementation of these best practices in your own businesses. At the end of this webinar, you, as the leader in your business will have a greater understanding of the risk your business incurs and will come up with a strategy on how to implement basic cybersecurity best practices. Attendees will be able to follow and implement the workbook to implement cybersecurity strategies for their businesses. You may think that your business is immune to cyberattacks due to its size or newness. However, this is a common misconception that can leave your business vulnerable to data breaches and other cybersecurity threats. Small businesses can be targeted just as much as larger corporations, if not more so, due to factors such as limited budgets, outdated security measures, and a lack of security awareness. IMPORTANT NOTE: To participate in this webinar you and your business need to be SEBD Certified (Small and Emerging Business). Certification is online. It's free, simple, will take about 15 minutes and comes with several benefits including a matching-fund grant for special projects. To learn more about the SEBD Program visit this URL: The website to get SEBD Certified is For any questions about the SEBD Certification process please email Tina Langlois at

Speaker(s): Theresa Jones, CMMC-RP, Chief Cyber Strategist and Owner of Evalv Today

Co-Sponsor(s): XULA Entrepreneurship Institute

You will receive a ZOOM link to the webinar about one (1) hour before the meeting time.

Fee: No Cost