Onboarding, Engaging & Retaining Employees

Thu 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Topic: Managing Employees

Small business owners have a plethora of concerns to deal with every day. The pressures and responsibilities are daunting. Among those responsibilities are hiring, training, and retaining valuable, productive employees. What you’re up against: the lingering Pandemic, a depressed economy, high unemployment (including people who don’t want to work), and millions of unfilled job openings. And as if that wasn’t enough, we have the Great Resignation in progress. Question: Do you see all of this as obstacles or opportunities? These are opportunities! Opportunities for small businesses – including yours. There are now opportunities to recruit and hire great people who were not available to you previously. People who can make a positive difference in your business going forward. It is critically important that your future new hires (and your recent hires) be effectively onboarded into your enterprise. How do you onboard, engage, and retain valuable employees transforming them into loyal, human resources…human resources that produce real value within the business? This session will show attendees how to do it, and how to grow the value of the enterprise at the same time. You’ll acquire the “need to know” information to get the best out of your new people. This session is for small business owners and leaders who are hiring or will be hiring in the future.

Speaker(s): Ron Markham, LSBDC Business Consultant

Co-Sponsor(s): Xavier University of Louisiana Entrepreneurial Institute

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