Building an Employee Handbook, It's Not As Hard As You Think!

Thu 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Topic: Managing Employees

If you believe there is no purpose for an employee handbook in your small business, think again. Today more than ever before the Employee Handbook is an essential tool for small business owners and leaders to keep employees informed, on track, and highly productive. Attempting to run a business on assumptions is short-sighted and detrimental to success.

The Employee Handbook is the documentation of your company’s vision and purpose, and it helps your employees throughout their tenure. Even if you have just one employee, or plan to hire your first employee in the near future, the smart move is to begin building your Employee Handbook now.

If creating your Employee Handbook seems to be a daunting task, it is not. With your clear purpose in mind and knowing exactly what to include in your handbook, you will find the task more enjoyable than you imagine. This highly informative training webinar will inform you and guide you how to get it done.

Attendees will learn what should be included in their Employee Handbook and why copying another firm’s handbook is never recommended. Your Employee Handbook will be a compilation of your company's policies and protocols, as well as employees'; legal rights and obligations.

Having an Employee Handbook makes it easy for you to communicate rules and responsibilities to employees, so there's no question about what's expected from them — or from you, as the small business owner. Moreover, a comprehensive Employee Handbook helps protect your business legally if anyone ever questions whether you've clearly communicated your policies. This is a trap no small business can afford to fall into.

This Employee Handbook webinar is for all forward thinking small business owners and leaders.

SEBD certification is required. Please visit: for more information on this small business development program for Louisiana businesses.

Speaker(s): Ron Markham, LSBDC Business Consultant

Co-Sponsor(s): Xavier University of Louisiana Entrepreneurship Institute

Fee: No Cost