Welcome to the New Normal: Finding the Road to Future Success

Fri 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Topic: Managing a Business

This enlightening session will help you ‘gear up’ and ‘gas up’ for the road to future success regardless of the new normal, or even if the new normal continues to be a moving target. 1) As a business owner, you must understand the present times and how your business, people, markets, and operations are impacted, and 2) It is critical to know how to move forward to sustain and grow your enterprise. That’s what this session is all about – what it takes. This session is for small business owners and leaders determined to succeed. Fuel will be provided! This session is also for any professional seeking clarity in these mind-boggling times and will pave the way to your future success.

Speaker(s): Ron Markham, SBDC Business Consultant

Co-Sponsor(s): Xavier University of Louisiana Entrepreneurship Institute

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Fee: No Cost